a BOUTIQUE, full-service interior design firm BASED OUT OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA focusing on REFINED, timeless and intentional design

We believe that there is always a juxtaposition at play in crafting the best interiors. From the initial phase of a project, we take into consideration all the elements – proportion, texture, material, color, light and programming. These are all crucial components that lends itself to elicit the emotion and visual manifestation that we strive to capture for an environment.

We like to think of ourselves as equal parts artist and technician with a comprehensive understanding of the psychology of a space. Taking a lot of our inspirations from nature, our aesthetic is refined, organic, modern rooted in quality and timelessness. We believe good design should tell a cohesive story and make you want to stay and linger.

the studio

Realizing that the beauty in our surrounding is something that we can manifest with  enough creativity and thoughtful execution; she was determined to make this her life's work. Our environment really sets the tone for our mood and well-being and having a space that is the visual expression of our personal lifestyle is the ultimate luxury.

Founded by Siv Kouth, an interior designer whose love and fascination with beautiful spaces at a young age really pushed her to pursue her studies in interior architecture at Woodbury University. Now with over 15 years of experience, Siv works closely with trade vendors, contractors, architects and artisans to create approachable, elevated spaces that is tailored to each client.

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Emmy J. / Full Renovation

“they turned me crazy ideas into something that far exceeded my expectations. ”

Emmy J. / Full Renovation

“they tu crazy ideas into something that far exceeded my expectations. ”

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